About Us

Dreamoz Technologies started as an idea and with much dedication developed into a company in 2013. The dream was to allow businesses to foster a real connection with people online. Today it has turned into reality as we help businesses evolve in a fast-pace online world. Our software development services build dynamic and robust web applications so no business, big and small, is left behind.

We engage with clients globally and continue to foster connections worldwide. We are exceptionally proud of our diverse interconnected talent pool who work together to produce transformative solutions and products.

We have successfully adjusted to the current situation by working entirely online using various tools to effectively communicate with our team and clients alike. This is evidence that the future is online. We stay connected through our smooth transition to slack and zoom has not only made collaborations easier but also better in so many ways. We manage everything on our fingertips from source control on Git to even signing contracts online. This has allowed for better transparency and higher degree of legitimacy.

We operate extensive data centres and follow regular backups to ensure effortless flow of work for our clients. Managing the online world requires a great deal of communication between teams and clients. We cherish every person’s time so we make it easy to connect.

Join us on Slack where in just seconds we can converse, share documents, create work channels or set-up video and audio calls. It’s simply efficient that means more time spent on innovation and transforming businesses online. Our other channels of contact include zoom, chat or through our official web app.

Join us as we pace towards the future growing and transforming how businesses function in the online world.