AllianceBlock seamlessly brings DeFi and TradFi together

AllianceBlock seamlessly brings DeFi and TradFi together
Allianceblock Seamlessly Brings Defi And Tradfi Together
Allianceblock Seamlessly Brings Defi And Tradfi Together
The future of finance is an integrated system in which the best of both worlds can work together to increase capital flows and technological innovation — we’re making that a reality.

Enter the Future of Investment Banking. Around the world regulated financial entities are looking at entering DeFi markets and the tools we are creating make that a reality.

Already utilised by some of the biggest names in DeFi, the AllianceBlock technology solutions and product suite are solving real-world challenges in the industry such as interoperability, compliance, and access to liquidity.

Discover the AllianceBlock Protocol
Our products and solutions are divided into three layers, each serving a specific need in DeFi — the DeFi layer, the Data Layer and the Regulatory and Compliance Layer.

Separately, they help DeFi projects grow and traditional financial institutions invest in our industry.
Combined together, they create the financial infrastructure of the future.

DeFi Layer
In the DeFi Layer we offer cross-chain interoperability with AllianceBlock Bridge*, as well as access to additional liquidity and volume with AllianceBlock LMaaS (Liquidity Mining as a Service) and AllianceBlock DEX*.

Users will also have access to a peer-to-peer funding protocol with AllianceBlock Fundrs*, as well as have a comprehensive dashboard of data analytics and information for use in DeFi strategizing with the AllianceBlock Terminal.
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