DreamozTech Portal Token Services

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Dreamoztech Portal Token Services
Dreamoztech Portal Token Services

DreamozTech Portal USDN Services, buy usdn using fiat money. You must connected your wallet in the portal to use this service. Buy USDN with Direct Deposit, Credit or Debit Card. Current market exchange rates apply. Minimum purchase $250 USDN. Buy USDN to convert to any token USDC/USDT stable coins or to any other currencies available in the platform.

What is USDN?
USDN (Neutrino USD) is a stable coin that yields 12-15% a year through staking. You can easily buy USDN with a bank card with a 0% fee or through the trading interface on Waves.Exchange for BTC, USDT and other popular cryptos.

Staking is an attractive investment instrument that lets you earn daily rewards without giving your coins away. You can withdraw your stake any time without losing the accumulated interest.

Thanks to an advanced price stabilization algorithm, the price of USDN is securely pegged to USD. Every USDN you get as a staking reward will always be worth 1 USD, so your gains won't depreciate even during periods of high volatility.

Every USDN stable coin is backed by a collateral in WAVES on a smart contract. It's decentralized and completely transparent, and you can easily verify that the collateral is indeed there.

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