Why didn’t I buy BTC last summer when it was 30k

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Why didn’t I buy BTC last summer when it was 30k
Why Did Not I Buy Btc Last Summer When It Was 30k
Why Did Not I Buy Btc Last Summer When It Was 30k
We are pretty sure that this question for certain was in the back of our mind 1 month ago when BTC was 60K.

How can we anticipate these things? One strategy that can be used is: Follow the chart

The best way would be to identify key levels. These levels are not 100% certain, however, they can bring you useful insights into what has happened in the past :

On the second chart, we can see a very strong support line. As well as a good entry point for a long-term trade. Some trades usually name this as being ‘’Black Friday’’ when it comes to long/medium time frame trading.

Similar opportunities :

LiteCoin (LTCUSDT) - popular for its hedging power. The MA/EMA 10/10 Cross has just been formed 2 days ago. Current price 95$-110$. All-time high: 375$ - possible 4x profit in the future.

FileCoin (FILUSDT) - Game changer in the blockchain with a based cooperative digital storage and data retrieval methods. The RSI is at 21, meaning this is the perfect recipe for medium / long-term investment. Current price 18$-19$. All-time high: 195$ - possible 10x profit in the future.

ThorChain (RUNEUSDT) - It's used for governance, staking, bonding, rewards, and trading providing a bridge for assets from different blockchains. With a strong rejection at the 3.2 pricing, similar to its all-time low ( from last summer ). Rune is set to regain its losses. Current price 3.4-3.7$. All-time high: 21$- possible 6x in the future.

Elrond (EGLDUSDT) - Its utility is various. New blockchain utility and auto-SmartContract release and faster transactions. It has some issues with its first Elrond project launch. The losses were covered by the Elrond project and the technical misfire was resolved. Awesome Oscillator is on track of the reversal, currently being at -42 from -64. Current price 115-125$. All-time higher 559$ - possible 4x or more in the future.

With opportunity comes risk, and with risk, comes reward. Don’t miss out on any of them!
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