GALE Sustainable High-Yield Certificate of Deposit

GALE Sustainable High-Yield Certificate of Deposit
Gale Sustainable High Yield Certificate Of Deposit
Gale Sustainable High Yield Certificate Of Deposit

GALE is a high yield sustainable deflationary compounding daily ROI platform on the BSC and Cronos network that pays you 1.2% interest daily with a daily compounding yield upto 7,778%

GALE is a high-yield sustainable Certificate of Deposit (CD) smart contract that pays a higher interest rate than traditional CDs offered by banks. It comprises trustless, secure, immutable and censorship resistant smart contracts powered by the GALE token. GALE is designed to appreciate and serve as a store of value as against traditional currencies that devalue over time. In addition, the GALE ecosystem supercharges GALE by offering stakers of GALE a host of DEFI services beginning with the GALE launchpad and lottery.

The GALE token is a BEP20 and CRC20 token that powers the GALE network.

It is a net deflationary token that is designed to appreciate over time while paying you a daily 1.2% interest for 365 days. That is a max payout of 438% without factoring price appreciation due to net deflation.

GALE will be distributed primarily through a dutch auction over the course of 180 days. 25,000,000 GALE tokens will be up for auction on day one, 22,560,000 GALE on day two, 20,445,179 GALE on day three, decreasing steadily until 50,000 GALE on day 180. There is an initial premine of 345,833,334 GALE to cover for Airdrops, Initial marketing and Pancakeswap Liquidity. At the end of the Auction period, total mined GALE will be 2,217,464,265.

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